Felt the need of putting these two drawings together here. Both of them are drawn by the awesome SARAH, and both of them are of our ocs, My oc Gwen (the little girl and the one on the left on both pics), and her oc Harper (The one on the right on both)

The first one is when Gwen is 14 years-old, the second one when she is 24 :)

And i just really like this…cause in my mind Gwen admires Harper from the moment she meets her and the look of pride in Harper’s eye when she is looking at her it’s really amazing for me :)

So i just wanted to show you this and say a huge THANK YOU to Sarah!! thank you for sharing your ocs with me and letting me share mines with you, and for letting me play with this story in my mind and picture a hundred things i could draw or write about them even if i suck at writing xD and THANK YOU for writing and drawing all those freaking AMAZING a beautiful things you do with them :)

The moment i created Gwen and Lawrence i knew i would love to develop their stories and personalities, and the fact that you wanted to add to it makes me really happy and excited :)

even if they are just random text posts and separate things, it’s amazing and i can’t wait until i finish with uni and i can write and draw all the ideas i have for these babies we love :)

i freaking love you Sarah!!! <3

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